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No.26, violin


This violin is based upon a J.B. Guadagnini, made in Turin in 1774, and possesses a delightful combination of elegance and power in both appearance and tone. A darker-looking instrument and very smooth to play. 

This has been a slow-burning project which has been a great pleasure throughout. I look forward to hearing it played.

UPDATE, March 9th  2017: an excellent violinist, Eva Lundell of Letham, Fife, spent some time playing this instrument today, and was much impressed, saying that it was 'like smooth Cognac'. 



No.25, Violin


So, it's early August 2016 and this is my 25th instrument. Based, for sound, on the late-career Guarneri 'del Gesu' violin known as the 'Sainton', it has pronounced archings and a correspondingly bold tone.

The lion head? It is a representation of a couple of sandstone lions in my home town of Dumfries which were a friendly presence in my childhood.

November 2016 update - I have just returned from Fiddle Fest in Edinburgh, where this and Violin No.23 were tested and heartily approved by several excellent players. Gypsy Jazz? Yes, please!



No.23, Violin


Feb 2016 - this new violin based on the late 'del Gesu' 'SAINTON is currently being played-in, in preparation for my visit to the annual BVMA Makers' Day on Sunday March 13th. Follow this link to open event info in a new window.

SOLD, April 2017


No.24, Viola


The 4th Viola, length 161/4 inches, from the adapted Hoing design - and the last on this mould for the time being (unless commissioned).

Highly playable and tonally exciting ( Warchal Amber strings are perfect for this model ) it has a one-piece back of English Maple. 



No.22, Violin


Body shape influenced by Guarneri 'del Gesu', head of my own design. 

She looks quite well-mannered but I can assure you she packs quite a punch! It's worth saying, especially when presenting an instrument such as this with distinctive carved detail, that my primary concern is - and always will be - the sound. 




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