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No.3, Violin


Made throughout in Springfield workshop;
Stradivari 'Maurin' (1718) Model, top and back tap-tones evenly matched;
Plenty of depth of tone , very responsive

The word is out!

'I tried two lovely violins which Caroline Campbell brought in after Samson rehearsal
- so, I thought you should have her contact details should your daughter wish to try out some instruments
- Caroline is in Springfield, Fife - so not far from St Andrews
- my colleagues and I enjoyed her instruments very much, and they are affordable given the excellent quality.
 Hope this helps you in your search'

Feargus Hetherington, Violinist. Dec 2011


'Megan is really enjoying playing Daisy.  It's been good having quiet time over the break to get to know her better!'  J.P.


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